Jab survey:  Thousands of Australians coerced

The comment

“Thank you to the 26,680 Australians who completed the anonymous online survey carried out by Clarity on Health between 18th February and 28th March 2022.

The survey results are now available. They indicate that thousands of Australians felt coerced to have the COVID-19 vaccinations. Many of them got vaccinated because it was mandated for their job, and not for medical reasons.     …..

Key findings were:

* 7,559 vaccinated Australians said they had felt “extremely pressured” to have their COVID-19 vaccination

* 8,362 unvaccinated Australians said they were currently (in Quarter 1 2022) feeling extreme pressure to be vaccinated

* 57.9% of vaccinated respondents said their primary reason for having the injection was either to keep their job or because it was mandated for their profession.

* Only 11.3% of vaccinated people reported a main reason for vaccination connected with COVID-19 disease itself.”

The source

Clarity on Health website (https://clarityonhealth.org/ ), as reported via press release in the Australian Spectator, 21 March 2022 ( https://spectator.com.au/2022/03/we-must-record-why-australians-got-vaccinated/ )

My take on it

“The Paris Peace Conference of 1919 was the first diplomatic conference on this scale – there were 32 governments represented – at which Australia had independent status. Previously, the Dominions of the British Empire had been represented internationally by London or had attended diplomatic meetings as part of a delegation of the Empire. However, the ‘blood sacrifice’ of the First World War had changed the balance of imperial relationships, and after some difficult negotiations with the US and France, Australia, like Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and India, was granted the right to attend the Paris conference. This gave Hughes the platform on which to pursue what he thought were Australia’s distinctive interests.  In one of their meetings British Prime Minister Wilson asked Hughes whether he expected the five million Australians he represented to be set against the twelve hundred million represented by the conference, Hughes responded, ‘I represent sixty thousand dead’.”  (Source)

Fast Forward to 2022:  A judge in Australia’s Federal Court finds that neither advocacy group AVN nor a mandate-affected individual has standing to pursue an application for a judicial review into the failure of the government to halt the Covid ‘vaccination’ program – “an experimental jab that has already killed hundreds of our countrymen and women and injured nearly 80,000.’

To deny that the AVN – as the leading advocacy group in its domain – has standing, surely flies in the face of reason, given the hundreds of deaths and tens of thousands of injuries associated with the jab.

The significance of the Clarity on Health survey needs to be seen in that light.  It is another single complementary fact-based advocate testifying to the infringement of rights of tens of thousands of individuals, and echoing the call for justice.

I too echo that call.