The jab: “Neither safe nor effective, but outright dangerous.”

The statement

“An abundance of studies has shown that the mRNA vaccines are neither safe nor effective,
but outright dangerous.”

The source

Journal of Clinical and Experimental Immunology, Vol 7, Issue 3, pp 493-508, published 21 September 2022 ( )

My take on it

Once the nail has been driven home, further hammering is wasted effort. For me the core truth about this whole sad affair was driven home long ago. Some people got there earlier, and some arrived later. More and more are waking up. Some are still oblivious to the deceit.

There comes a tipping point. I sense that it is close.

Meanwhile the killing and maiming continue. Our first priority must be to halt that juggernaut. And so I add this post to so many others, in the hope that its truth will enlighten someone, somewhere.

If you are aiding and abetting this juggernaut, stop.