The jab:  “a full ventilation of all the facts”

The statement

FASA (the Freedom Alliance of South Africa, AD) has approached the High Court in Pretoria, South Africa, to review and set aside the authorisation of Pfizer’s vaccine products on the basis that the authorisation was irrational and unlawful.  If successful this will result in the removal of Pfizer’s mRNA vaccines from the domestic market.  The case is under the custodianship of Advocate Erin-Dianne Richards, briefed by Daniel Eloff of Hurter Spies.  The lawyers explain the significance of the case:  “FASA’s aim is to subject the South African regulator’s decision to judicial scrutiny.  They argue that the regulator’s decision was based on flawed and inaccurate trial data analysis presented by a heavily conflicted Pfizer, and that it is therefore legally invalid.  Their aim is not only to ensure legal compliance – but to set precedent requiring a higher level of statutory scrutiny in the case of future vaccine authorisations in the interest of public health.  Whatever the decision of the Court, this case is important.  While it has arguably been possible to suppress and distort facts in the public narrative either for or against the vaccines, this will not be possible before our Courts.  This case will see a full ventilation of all relevant facts pertaining to South Africa’s authorisation of the Pfizer vaccines.”

The source

Dr Aseem Malhotra (@DrAseemMalhotra), eminent UK cardiologist, in a tweet ( )

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The application was lodged on 23 March 2023.

My take on it

Dr Malhotra, who is a co-applicant, recognises that that this case has significance beyond South Africa:

“South Africa’s Constitution and its Constitutional jurisprudence has motivated, inspired and led the World.  My personal hope is that here, too, the South African judiciary will lead the way towards a global rectification of a serious injustice.”

I share his hope, and I pray that it is so.  To date it would seem to me that courts in other jurisdictions have flown in the face of reason to find ways of avoiding “a full ventilation of the facts”.

But Why ?

Global cooling??

The statement

“If CO2 is warming the atmosphere since 1900, can someone explain why all raw data (worldwide) show cooling?  It’s cooling in Australia.  And the US too!  If there is warming, why is it that the area of snow cover is stagnant?”

The source

Kevin Loughrey, Independent candidate for Ballina in the NSW State Election on 25 March 2023, in a pre-election advertisement in the Byron Shire Echo (of which Hans Lovejoy, see item above, is Editor).

My take on it

These contra-narrative data won’t be popular amongst the mainstream information peddlars, challenging as they do, one of the primary assumptions on which climate change alarmism and CO2 demonisation are based.

Come to think of it, I was just reading over the weekend about polar bears being on the increase too.

Yes, freedom of belief is one of the primary freedoms.    And when the data don’t all align, it comes back to what you believe, which generally is about whom you believe.

CO2: Australia sequesters some five times as much carbon dioxide as it emits.

The statement

Australian forests adsorb 940 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per annum compared to our domestic and industrial emissions of 417 million tonnesAdd to that the absorption of carbon dioxide in continental Australia to the carbon dioxide adsorption of 2,500,000 square kilometres of continental shelf waters and Australia sequesters some five times as much carbon dioxide as it emits. Australia does more than its share of the heavy lifting for global sequestration of carbon dioxide.

The source

Professor Emeritus Ian Plimer, Australia is already at Net Zero, in The Spectator, 24 May 2022

My take on it

This article is for those who are taken in by the concept of Net Zero, in order that they might look at another perspective. (I’d prefer not to give the Net Zero notion any oxygen.)

Net Zero relies on multiple assumptions including that the globe is getting dangerously hotter, and that this is caused to a significant extent through the generation of carbon dioxide by human activity. It’s a narrative that fits the globalist agenda, rather than the truth.

As to the first assumption, please see my next post.

And perhaps a few words on carbon sequestration. Sequestration means a withdrawal into seclusion. Carbon sequestration refers to the removal of carbon from general circulation. Biological carbon sequestration happens naturally through photosynthesis, the process whereby plants use solar energy to combine carbon (in the form of carbon dioxide) with water to produce carbohydrate (especially glucose) and oxygen. That carbohydrate is a building block that enables the plant or tree to grow and reproduce. It is also an energy source for that growth, in which case the chemical equation of photosynthesis is reversed to that of respiration, some of the carbohydrate combining with oxygen to yield carbon dioxide and energy. Over time, plants and trees may be cropped, or burned off, or simply die, in which case carbon is released to the atmosphere as carbon dioxide (or methane) once again. It’s just a matter of time.

The jab: Male fertility smashed

The statement

“Sperm has almost entirely been replaced by spike protein. If I were a woman of fertile age I would not plan a motherhood from … a man who has been vaccinated.”

The source

Professor Arne Burkhardt, Before Its News, Monday 20 March 2023

(Dr. Arne Burkhardt Confirms Sperm Has Almost Entirely Been Replaced By Spike Protein!! Doctor Says If He Were A Woman Of Fertile Age He Would Not Want Sperm Of Vaxxed!! )

Professor Burkhardt is a pathologist, and former head of the the Institute of Pathology in Reutlingen University of Applied Sciences in Germany.

My take on it

The more we hear, the more horrible it gets.

Yesterday I spoke to a lovely young man who was enquiring about my political campaign. He had no idea about the adverse effects of the jab. When I mentioned that male fertility was being smashed, I could tell from the look on his face that this had hit home. He then told me that he had had three jabs. I felt like I was speaking to one of my own sons. I said, “Just don’t have any more.”

We have ahead of us a journey, as a community, and as a nation, through a grieving process that will be off the charts. There will be disbelief, then anger, then deep anguish as the realisation dawns of the harm that has been done to us. It will fall to us to protect the criminals from the fury of the community, as slowly we all climb up out of that dark trough through acceptance, justice, forgiveness, reconciliation and healing.