Covid: Is the hospital system “overwhelmed”?

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In recent weeks the New York Times has carried multiple articles on a common theme suggested that various aspects of the US healthcare system are being overwhelmed by the effects of Covid-19. For example, on 30 November:

New York will implement an assortment of new emergency measures as the state shifts its focus to a sharp rise in coronavirus-related hospitalizations.”

Such headlines sustain the official narrative.

But are they true?

Without doing the necessary underlying research it’s impossible to know. Certainly we are coming to realise that we cannot take many of the self-certified fact-checkers at face value.

Today’s post from Tom Woods references Yinon Weiss (@yinonw) as having dug up the relevant information on current hospitalization trends, starting from mid March:

at the national level level they suggest no great change.
with Los Angeles


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Dr Tom Woods ( )

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