Microwave Illness: Truth or Fiction?

The statement

“There is a surprisingly large and growing group of affected individuals with
this condition. Their condition is not due to any personal fault or inadequacy. They
must no longer be ignored, ridiculed, or rendered invisible or irrelevant. There
must be some means to accommodate their situation and needs, to permit some
place of refuge and grant them a measure of dignity. At minimum, they must be
allowed to live in their own homes–for many, their sole sanctuary– without being
violated and driven out by some new, potentially unknown, and undisclosed
emissions source. They need, and deserve, some place of refuge that does not itself
become yet another place of torment.”

The source

Affidavit of Dr Beatrice Golommb, MD PhD, expert witness in Children’s Health Defence v Federal Communications Commission and United States of America, 15 March 2021

My take on it

Where there’s smoke, ….

Scientific discovery often starts with an isolated case. And then another. Here. But also there. Amidst the anecdotes, and across space, and over time, patterns of cause and effect present themselves. Add enough time, and enough cases, and enough ramifications, and eventually formal studies commend themselves, hopefully unencumbered by conflicts of interest. Professor Golommb testifies to part of that journey.

In this field of endeavour, and from what I have read, it would appear that the commercial deployment of relevant technologies is outrunning the establishment of appropriate safety standards.

If ‘a subset of the population’ is vulnerable to Microwave Illness (aka ‘Electrosensitivity’), if that illness is significantly debilitating, and if EMF radiation is escalating, then that has significant public health policy ramifications. The CHD action serves to direct the attention of responsible government where it is needed.