The jab: Excess Deaths are up 15% in the US too

The statement

“High vax regions are showing ~15% higher 2022 mortality than 2021.

The more doses … you have in a [US] region … the bigger increase in mortality …

If you’re over the age of 50, and you took all 5 doses, that’d be a 35% increase.”

The source

Josh Stirling, top insurance analyst, in The Epoch Times, quoted in 6 March 2023 Tweet (

Josh has been the Senior Research Analyst covering U.S. non-life insurance at US brokerage firm & Burnstein & Co since 2010.

My take on it

Replication is part of scientific method: you test to see if it is true in one place; and then you test to see if it is true in other places – and/or at other times.

An earlier post reported on the same 15% number for Australia. Now it is replicated in the US.

Which suggests that it is generally true.

Now what?

The jab: Data analysis shows causation of excess mortality in Australia

The statement


Australian official mortality data show no clear evidence of significant excess deaths in 2020, implying from an older WHO definition that there was no COVID-19 pandemic. A seasonality analysis suggests that COVID-19 deaths in 2020 were likely misclassifications of influenza and pneumonia deaths. Australian excess mortality became significant only since 2021 when the level was high enough to justify calling a pandemic. Significant excess mortality was strongly correlated (+74%) with COVID-19 mass injections five months earlier. Strength of correlation, consistency, specificity, temporality, and dose-response relationship are foremost Bradford Hill criteria which are satisfied by the data to suggest the iatrogenesis of the Australian pandemic, where excess deaths were largely caused by COVID-19 injections. Supporting this hypothesis also is the fact that the youngest 0-44 age group with lowest risks of COVID infection and death has suffered disproportionately the highest multiples of excess mortality with the advent of COVID injections – a result which is unlikely to have other natural explanations. Therefore, Australia appears likely to be experiencing an iatrogenic pandemic and the associated mortality risk/benefit ratio for COVID injections is very high.

(My emphasis)

The source

Wilson Sy, Investment Analytics, Australian COVID-19 Pandemic: A Bradford Hill analysis of iatrogenic excess mortality, published February 2023

( )

Dr Wilson Sy is currently the principal of Investment Analytics Research undertaking industry consulting and research in investment and superannuation.  His background includes six years working as the Principal Research Analyst at the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA).

My take on it

I had been waiting for this piece of work.  Indeed I had been exploring whom I could encourage to initiate it – someone with the technical competence, the independence, the credibility and the will.  Thank you, Wilson.

We now have an exemplary application of the Bradford Hill causation tenets to the question of whether deaths in Australia were caused by the mRNA injections, or just associated with them.

And we have a lot more.

The Abstract gives us two key takeaways:

  1. There was no pandemic of upper respiratory tract infection in 2021.  (And remember:  that claim, together with another false claim about lack of effective alternative treatments), was used to justify the roll-out of the mRNA injections.)
  2. Excess deaths followed the administration of the mRNA injections – the misnamed ‘vaccines’ – and were caused by them.

Will the TGA finally act?

The jab: “Stunning increase” in reportable events for young healthy US DoD pilots

The statement

“What I found was a clear signal, that something in 2021 changed the health of service members. …..

After querying all pilots across the DOD, for all-cause morbidity and mortality, I found a stunning increase in the number of reportable events, spiking from an average of 226 reportable events a year (2016-2019) to 4,059 reports in 2022. …..

The point is there is a statistically significant increase in death, permanent harm, or severe temporary harm in young healthy fit pilots ….. in the “post-glitch” DMED, the number of reportable events across the DOD had gone from a four-year average (2016-2019) of 40,813 to 110,000 in 2020 to over 200,000 in 2022.”

The source

Lt. Col.Theresa Long, M.D., MPH, a board-certified aerospace medicine doctor and Army Brigade flight surgeon with specialty training as an aviation mishap investigator and safety officer; interviewed by Carly Mayberry for The Epoch Times, 31 January 2023. Long was one of four whistleblowers who initially reported a spike in reportable events a year ago.

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My take on it

Pilots are just another demographic. We see the same effects.

We also see the same weird response by the relevant institution – protracted and dismissive as to the issue, and critical and punitive as to the messenger.

The jab: Excess mortality in Germany went “through the roof” in 2022

The statement

From the beginning of April 2021 onwards – the start of the vaccination campaign – excess mortality suddenly increases continuously up to the youngest age groups and is no longer compensated by phases of a mortality deficit. That is, other than before, the observed excess mortality no longer represents a pull-forward effect where the highly vulnerable people die some months earlier than expected. In addition, the number of stillbirths is increasing at the same time. Nine months later, a massive and sustained decrease in live births is observed.

As an analysis of the courses of excess mortality and COVID deaths shows, this cannot be explained by COVID deaths, here is the corresponding result figure:

From February 2021 onwards, the excess mortality curve decouples from the COVID deaths curve. Despite a phase of a significant mortality deficit, a high number of so-called “COVID deaths” are still being reported, which raises great doubts about the validity of the “COVID death” diagnosis. Apparently, this diagnosis was often used for deaths that would have died at the same time regardless of “COVID”. From September 2021 onwards, excess mortality starts to be higher than the number of COVID deaths, and in 2022, excess mortality went through the roof while the number of COVID deaths progressively decreased.

On the other hand, the parallelism between the excess mortality curve and the vaccination curve is striking. Here is the corresponding result figure:

The source

Professors Christof Kuhbandner and Matthias Reitzner, Excess Mortality in Germany 2020-2022

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posted on Daily Clout on 10 February by Josh Guetzklow, reposted on Telegram by Ed Dowd

My take on it

As in Australia, so too in Germany. Of course.

The findings show that deadly side effects of COVID-19 vaccinations are not extreme exceptional cases.