Covid: driven by an intentionally faulty metric ?

The statement

“Keep the above in mind as I front-load the next data point. The front-load is this – the CDC/WHO cohort was using deliberately and anomalously high cycle thresholds (35-40 v. 17-25 and as an indicator of viral load) relative to PCR testing. Now, bear in mind that the virus was never isolated relative to PCR testing and moreover, the developer of the PCR test – who is now deceased circa 2019 – how convenient? – advised that the PCR test was never intended as a diagnosis tool implying that it’s being misused and delivering unreliable data relative to COVID.

Do you know what PCR tests with faulty high cycle thresholds deliver in absolute abundance? False positive test results. FALSE POSITIVE TEST RESULTS! Remember how I framed the “pandemic” as one of propagated fraudulent data? The intentionally faulty PCR tests, as determined by the CDC/WHO cohort, became the primary data driver for the pandemic.

Remember what occurred around mid-April 2020? The CDC/WHO moved away from the historical and conventional pandemic measurement of mortality data, which was in decline at the time, to the measurement of “new case data.” That’s never been done before and it allows them to leverage the faulty high CTs in the PCR test; remembering that beginning in January 2020, the Democrats were howling about expanded testing. Now you know why.”

The source

Political Moonshine, 3 May 2021

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My take on it

Political Moonshine (whoever that is!) makes the point that (in the case of Covid) a historical and conventional pandemic measurement, ie Mortality, was discarded.  That single decision has allowed a tragic deception to prevail.

The author reverts to the conventional measurement and draws from public data to show that US fatalities in the year 2020 were unexceptional. (Try floating that into the conversation with a few of your friends, and see how you go. “Don’t confuse me with the facts. My mind’s made up.”)

This article is well worth reading in full.  It closes with a re-stated hypothesis, and with a challenge:

“We began this article by asking if you cared to understand how COVID-19 is a false flag political construct that was intentionally developed as a bio-WMD to facilitate the overthrow of the U.S.?

Let’s rewrite that question and make it rhetorical for our closing – Can anyone prove that it isn’t?”

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