Vaccines, Mercury, Autism and a Compromised Fourth Estate

The quote?

“Three weeks ago we put a report on our website for mothers to send us stories trhat are much like Bob’s story and much like the story that you are going to hear from Nico Lahood – that they brought their perfectly healthy child in for a wellness visit, and the child got a series of shots, some of them probably containing thimerosal, the child spiked a fever that night, 105 degrees, had seizures and within three months was brain-dead.  Now we said – we put out just on our web site, ‘Tell us if you have that story.’  Within 13 hours we had 6,100 women send us details of their particular story.  And that’s what’s in these books.

It is not science.  What we have been told is not science.  It’s more akin to religion.  It’s an orthodoxy, that it can’t be challenged, it’s a taboo to talk about it, that anybody who talks about it is a heretic and has to be harmed, marginalised or called an ‘anti-vax’.  And yet you know, one of these stories is not science; two of them are not science;  it’s anecdote.  But 6,100 of them?  No, ultimately science is, are, case studies.  That’s science.  And this is 6,100 case studies here.

And you have to ignore, like all case studies – this orthodoxy is anti-science, it’s cruel, it’s sometimes lethal and it’s misogynistic.  It requires anyone who adopts this orthodoxy to say that all these women who say they know what happened to their child – that these stories have to be dismissed, that these stories are the stories of hysterics, that they’re wrong, that they don’t know what the saw, that we know better than they do what they saw, and what they saw with their child.  And that is misogynistic.  And that’s what it takes.

What Bob and I are announcing today is – we know that journalists don’t want to look into the science, but we are going to offer a $100,000 reward, a $100k challenge, to any journalist – or anybody else – who can come up with a single – who can point to a single existing study that says it’s safe to inject mercury into little babies or pregnant women at the levels that we are currently injecting them in the flu vaccine.”


The source? 

Robert Kennedy Jr, head of the World Mercury Project: Address to the National Press Club in Washington, Wednesday 15 February 2017   ( )


My observations?

  • The entire presentation is well worth watching.  (Kennedy’s piece starts at 6:9 minutes in, stops at about 30:0.)
  • The Forth Estate is found wanting in its oversight and truth-telling role, and the evidence points to a conflict of interest.
  • A whistleblower in the Centres for Disease Control  (CDC) claims a sustained pattern of suppression and deliberate misrepresentation of scientific evidence, and points to a conflict of interest.
  • Merck, the leading manufacturer of vaccines, is in the cross-hairs.   Merck is one of just eighteen companies identified by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras in their 1994 book Built to Last as ‘visionary.’ The authors defined a visionary company as ‘one that is a premier institution in its industry, is widely admired by knowledgeable businesspeople, made an imprint on the world, had multiple generations of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), had multiple product/service life cycles, and was founded before 1950.’
  • Not everyone shares that admiration.  For example:  in 2007, three years after withdrawing its pain medication Vioxx from the market, Merck agreed to pay $4.85 billion to settle 27,000 lawsuits by people who claim they or their family members suffered injury or died after taking the drug.  The suits covered more than 47,000 separate parties.  (NYT, 9 Nov 2007)
  • If you were a Merck director or senior executive, what might be keeping you awake at night?


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