The jab: Excess deaths in Australia up 17.1%

The statement

  • In 2022, there were 92,699 deaths that occurred by 30 June and were registered by 31 August, which is 13,524 (17.1%) more than the historical average.
  • In June there were 16,749 deaths, 2,410 (16.8%) above the historical average.

The source

Australian Bureau of Statistics, Provisional Mortality Statistics, released 30 September 2022

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My take on it

We used to talk about ‘impeccable sources’. These days my confidence levels are a lot lower, but the ABS is probably as good a source as any, particularly in these circumstances.

Didn’t some one say that ‘one death is a tragedy; a thousand deaths is a statistic’?

And here we are.

The figures are appalling. Unbelievable.

And echoed across the world.

Yet still the cruel juggernaut rolls on, the biocrats complicit, the media unquestioning, and the families nationwide grieving, mostly in ignorance.

But not for much longer.

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