The jab: add GENDER DYSPHORIA to the Adverse Events

‘I recently asked my readers to tell me about their chronic health conditions.

The single most important conclusion is this:

In all 58 conditions we asked about where we had sufficient data to compute an odds ratio, the vaccine always made the condition worse.

Other important results of the survey include ……

14.5X higher likelihood of sexual orientation/gender dysphoria issues in people under age 60 (OR 14.49 [95% CI: 2.33- 598.86]). This is a stunning result that isn’t discussed. Basically, 93% of the cases of sexual orientation issues are caused by vaccines.’

Steve Kirsch’s newsletter on Substack, 4 April 2024 ( )

Survey demographics given by Kirsch are as follows::

  1. Over 13,000 responses, average age=55
  2. Breakdown of the two comparison groups I used in the analysis:
    1. Fully unvaccinated: 2,355 responses, average age=55
    1. Highly vaccinated: 2,260, average age = 49
  3. 63 conditions tested
  4. 44 conditions had odds ratio (OR) >=2 which means vaccines are the single largest cause of that condition
  5. 14 conditions had OR of 1.3-2.0 which means vaccines are a significant cause of that condition (23% of the cases or more are attributable to vaccination)
  6. The remaining 5 conditions had insufficient data to compute an odds ratio (p-value >.05).

The more we look, the wider we look, the deeper we look, the more we find – snowballing evidence of crimes against humanity.

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