Gaza: ‘The aim of the war is to empty Gaza of its inhabitants.’

The aim of the war is to empty Gaza of its inhabitants. This is a continuation of the Nacba of ’48. The Israelis have now come to the point where they believe that the solution to their problems is to basically ethnically cleanse Palestinians from Gaza and then eventually from the West Bank and even from the Galilee. And so in order to do that, you need to create a catastrophe; and to create a self-sustaining catastrophe. And so what you do in order to create the self-sustaining catastrophe is you dismantle those parts of life that make life manageable in a place like Gaza, and so you go after the water desalination plants, you dismantle the sewage system, you destroy over 200 schools, you carpet-bomb the universities and you go after the bakeries and you then destroy the health system while wounding forty thousand. And so that once the war is over there are epidemics, there is infectious diseases, and people sit and watch their wounded loved ones die in front of their eyes so that they voluntarily leave Gaza. And so the war continues after the bullets and the bombs stop, in fulfilling its objective which is to empty Gaza of its inhabitants.’

Ayman Sahadi, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Jordan, in a recent interview on Aljazeera’s CentreStage

On December 9 in an Emergency Session the UN Security Council voted on a Resolution calling for ceasefire in Gaza. The resolution had been put forward by the United Arab Emirates and backed by over 90 Member States. There were 13 votes in favour and the United Kingdom abstained. The USA vetoed the Resolution.

Riyad Mansour, Permanent Observer of the Observer State of Palestine, asked, “How can this be justified? How can anyone justify the slaughter of an entire people?”

How indeed?