Covid? Flu? Zinc and Quercetin may help.

The statement

“There are emerging biological terror threats. The key is not to panic but to have a rational strategy on how to deal with it.

  1. Don’t trust anything WHO, AMA, CDC, FDA, NIH say. I suggest doing the exact opposite. They have consistently proven themselves to be the enemies of the people.
  2. Understand that all Covid-19 strains, Flu, RSV, Marburg, and Ebola are single stranded RNA virus that (use) similar pathways for replication. They use RNA dependent RNA polymerase (RDRP) to make copies of their genome.
  3. Zinc inhibits RDRP. HCQ, IVM, Quercetin, and EGCG are zinc Ionophores that help zinc enter cells.

My point is that having enough Zinc inside cells may help prevent and/or treat the above viruses.”

The source

Dr Zev Zelenko, NY-based family physician, posting on Telegram ( )

My take on it

If you are struggling with the opening statement, and with Point 1, just skip to Points 2 and 3.

Point 2 is an abbreviated explanation of how replication happens in single-stranded viruses. (You can skip Point 2 as well, if you like.)

Pint 3 postulates that Zinc interrupts that replication pathway; and that certain compounds help Zinc to enter our cells where it acts to interrupt viral replication.

Compounds that increase the intracellular concentration of Zinc ions are called ionophores. Dr Zelenko mentions four:

HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine)

IVM (Ivermectin)

Quercetin, and

EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate).

Our access to the first two has been frustrated by regulatory authorities.

Quercetin and EGCG are readily available over the counter or on line.

Dr Zeleko’s point is that having enough Zinc inside cells may help prevent and/or treat viruses like Covid and the Flu. Having enough Zinc inside our cells is a primary way of boosting our immune system, and it is inexpensive, and safe (as was pointed out by Professor Cahill and others, at the outset). But of course Natural Immunity has been Persona Non Grata in the official narrative.

And No, I am not a doctor. I am passing on information from someone who is, and whose track record in this field is impressive. Please only take advice from people who are qualified to give it, and whose motives you can trust.

“The drug that cracked COVID.”

The statement

“If you were to say, tell me the characteristics of a perfect drug to treat COVID-19, what would you ask for? I think you would ask firstly for something that’s safe, that’s cheap, that’s readily available, and has anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. People would say, “That’s ridiculous. There could not possibly be a drug that has all of those characteristics. That’s just unreasonable. But we do have such a drug. The drug is called Ivermectin.”

(Professor Paul Marik, Eastern Virginia Medical School)


The source

“Capuzzo, a six-time Pulitzer-nominated journalist best known for his New York Times-bestselling nonfiction books Close to Shore and Murder Room, ended up publishing his article on ivermectin in Mountain Home, a monthly local magazine for the of the Pennsylvania mountains and New York Finger Lakes region, of which Capuzzo’s wife is the editor. It’s also the reason why I decided to dedicate today’s post to Capuzzo’s article. Put simply, as many people as possible –particularly journalists — need to read his story.” (Nick Corbishley, )


My take on it

This is a story of hope, beautifully told.  It waits on a happy ending.

It is also a savage indictment of many, particularly amongst politicians, biocrats, big pharma and the media, who have had an exceptional opportunity to make a real difference, and have chosen not to.

God’s word tells us, “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act.” (Prov 3:27)

This is a flagrant case of withholding good, on an unprecedented scale, from those to whom it is due.

So the question naturally arises, as to Why?

According to Nick Corbishley there are three possible explanations for health regulators’ refusal to allow the use of a highly promising, well-tolerated off-label medicine such as ivermectin:

  • As a generic, ivermectin is cheap and widely available, which means there would be a lot less money to be made by Big Pharma if it became the go-to early-stage treatment against covid.
  • Other pharmaceutical companies are developing their own novel treatments for Covid-19 which would have to compete directly with ivermectin. They include ivermectin’s original manufacturer, Merck, which has an antiviral compound, molnupiravir, in Phase 3 clinical trials for COVID-19. That might explain the company’s recent statement claiming that there is “no scientific basis whatsoever for a potential therapeutic effect of ivermectin against COVID-19. 
  • If approved as a covid-19 treatment, ivermectin could even threaten the emergency use authorisation granted to covid-19 vaccines. One of the basic conditions for the emergency use authorisation granted to the vaccines currently being used against covid is that there are no alternative treatments available for the disease. As such, if ivermectin or some other promising medicine such as fluvoxamine were approved as an effective early treatment for Covid-19, the vaccines could be stripped of authorisation.

.Well, Nick, let’s just say That’s a start.



Covid: “Natural immunity is way better”

The statement

“Every scientist in the world knows that natural immunity is way better than vaccine immunity.”


The source

Dr Peter McCullough, world leading cardiologist who testified last year in a Senate hearing to defend ‘alternative’ covid treatments HCQ and Ivermectin (which have been PROVEN to work, forcing many retractions including from the Lancet and the American Medical Association, most notably). Quoted by Martin Geddes on Telegram, 26 May 2021


My take on it

We must allow Dr McCullough some poetic licence. I don’t know that every scientist in the world agrees about anything.

That said, this core truth needs to be shouted from the rooftops – that natural immunity is effective, safe, and free. Vaccination is none of those things.

And those who really know this field of scientific endeavour, know that to be true.

For which reason, our innate immune system is to be revere, boosted and protected.

The experimental gene therapy (aka ‘the jab’) being promoted by politicians and biocrats as a policy response to Covid-19 is a direct, intentional and probably irreversible assault on that priceless asset.