Global cooling??

The statement

“If CO2 is warming the atmosphere since 1900, can someone explain why all raw data (worldwide) show cooling?  It’s cooling in Australia.  And the US too!  If there is warming, why is it that the area of snow cover is stagnant?”

The source

Kevin Loughrey, Independent candidate for Ballina in the NSW State Election on 25 March 2023, in a pre-election advertisement in the Byron Shire Echo (of which Hans Lovejoy, see item above, is Editor).

My take on it

These contra-narrative data won’t be popular amongst the mainstream information peddlars, challenging as they do, one of the primary assumptions on which climate change alarmism and CO2 demonisation are based.

Come to think of it, I was just reading over the weekend about polar bears being on the increase too.

Yes, freedom of belief is one of the primary freedoms.    And when the data don’t all align, it comes back to what you believe, which generally is about whom you believe.