Covid censorship: “Twitter was basically a subsidiary of the FBI.”

The statement

“Did the US government ever contact you or anyone else at Twitter to moderate or censor certain tweets? Yes or No?”

“We received legal commands to remove content from the platform from the US government and governments all around the world.” (Ms Gadde)

“Thank God for Matt Taibbi. Thank God for Elon Musk, for allowing to show us and the world that Twitter was basically a subsidiary of the FBI, censoring real medical voices with real expertise that put real American lives at risk because they didn’t have that information.”

The Source

Representative Nancy Mace, House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, quizzing Twitter executives including Ms Gadde on 9 February 2023 ( )

My take on it

My earlier post on the whole-of-society censorship model explains how the whole system collaborates.

This congressional testimony fleshes out a significant player in just one of its four domains, ie the media.

Dr Pierre Kory has recently condemned the general stance of the media in steadfastly refusing even to recognise vaccine injury.

It is probably helpful to overall awakening of the general public for these revelations to be coming from both directions.

Censorship: the ‘whole of society’ model

The statement

A ‘whole-of-society’ effort … that’s actually the terminology of basically every mainstream, censorship professional … What that means is four categories of institutions in society all working together towards the common goal of censorship. So you’ve got government, the private sector, civil society and the news media and fact checking. … At the News Media & Fact Checking level you’ve go political like-mindeds among the media that are propped up by the government, by the public sector, by the civil society, so that they can manage public narratives about various issues and can amplify pressure for censorship by creating negative press on the tech companies.”


The source

Mike Benz, Executive Director, Foundation for Freedom Online, interviewed on American Thought Leaders



My take on it

It becomes clear that Censorship is worthy of being called an industry.

It is also a system; which raises the question, What is its objective, its deliverable?

One slide on this clip makes that statement that ‘Disinformation is not going to be fixed by government acting alone.’ So there you have it: Disinformation is the claimed justification for censorship.

In the Perfect Markets model there is a full, free and instantaneous flow of information. In a free society each individual gets to make of what they will of whatever information may cross their path.

Censorship is then a barometer of whether the government is seeking to serve the people, or just to control them.


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