Social distancing? “There’s no science.”

The statement

The source

Dr Robert Redfield, the-Director of the CDC, quoted in Taking Down The President, and quoted from there in Steve Kirsch’s newsletter of 4 February (A worldwide call for data transparency: Show us the data!)

My take on it

‘Social distancing’ has to be the oxymoron of all time.

For which reason I would disagree with Dr Redfield. No science? There is a huge body of knowledge around personal interaction. People are social beings. They need, and they crave, connectivity. It is critical to childhood formation. It is vital to every relationship, and to the functioning of society as a whole.

Solitary Confinement, in turn, is an extreme form of punishment.

Dr Redfield was referring to the complete lack of scientific evidence to support the claim that keeping people 6 feet apart would reduce transmission of an air-borne virus.

For which reason it was misguided and cruel and harmful to recommend that distancing response.

By recommending an ongoing barrier to normal social engagement Dr Redfield fostered suspicion, alienation, submissiveness, business failures, loneliness, and the breakdown of society. The consequence of these influences is to increase stress, and thus to reduce our natural immunity to routine infection. None of which serves the public interest.

Indeed, counter-productive.

And there we all were, “seeing the lies but unable to stop them”.

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