Masks unmasked

The comment:

“The other preferred form of voodoo, other than the lockdowns, is masks.

We’ve been told that if only Americans had worn masks for six weeks this whole thing would have been over quickly.

The problem is, the charts don’t bear this out.”

The Source:

Dr Tom Woods, The COVID Cult ( )

My take on it:

“Don’t confuse me with the facts.  My mind’s made up.” 

If that’s you, and you’re a masker, Tom’s charts won’t change anything.

If you’re open to the evidence, I think these charts are compelling.  (The link provides more than a dozen.  I have posted just two.)

And once you admit that maybe masks don’t ‘stop the spread’,  you might give more thought to the negative effects of this misinformed and counterproductive policy.

Have we learned nothing from the Romanian orphans?

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