Excess Deaths up 16% for 2022: Hello!!!

The statement

“On December 22nd, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released its latest Provisional Mortality Statistics for 2022. It only covered deaths up to the end of September.

This is what they said:

“In 2022, there were 144,650 deaths that occurred by 30 September and were registered by 30 November, which is 19,986 (16.0%) more than the historical average.”

Is 16% more deaths than average unusual?

You bet it is!

Here’s a graph showing excess deaths (more than the average of the past five years) and reduced deaths (less than the average of the past five years). (See notes at end for detailed information about the graph).

Before the highly anomalous year of 2022, the highest annual increase in deaths was 4.4%, which occurred in 1964. On average, over the 66 year period, there was an annual 1.6% decrease in deaths.

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With nearly 20,000 more Australians than expected dying in the first two-thirds of 2022 (which is all the data that has been made available to us) we owe it to them and their families to ask questions.

These figures equate to 75 extra deaths a day. That’s like a fully-laden passenger airliner the size of an Airbus 330-300 crashing every four days and all lives being lost.

Perhaps these extra deaths are all due to covid, I hear you suggest.

Well, according to the ABS, 8,439 deaths were due to covid by 30th September.

Of course, we must ask questions about these 8,439 extra deaths ascribed to covid. The ABS does not report how many of these people who died ‘due to covid’ had received the covid injections, which have been claimed to protect against severe illness and death.

If thousands of fully vaccinated Australians died from covid in 2022, we need to know. It would call into question what we have been told about the vaccines’ effectiveness. We can’t just assume the vaccines are working. We need proof.

What is clear from the ABS data, however, is that, over and above these deaths from covid, a lot more Australians were dying in 2022 than usual. Almost 11,500 people by September.

That figure is more than the number of people reported as dying from covid. It’s the equivalent of the airliner mentioned previously crashing every week.”

The source

Clarity on Health ( https://clarityonhealth.org ) quoting ABS statistics released 22 December 2022

My take on it

When Clive Palmer first called the TGA to account for the deaths associated with (ie following, or ‘linked to’) the jab, the number was 210. It is now 973.

The ABS data indicate jab-associated deaths that are an order of magnitude higher.

I point you to Article 113 of the United States Uniform Code of Military Justice:

Any sentinel or look-out who is found drunk or sleeping upon his post, or leaves it before he is regularly relieved, shall be punished, if the offense is committed in time of war, by death or such other punishment as a court-martial may direct, but if the offense is committed at any other time, by such punishment other than death as a court-martial may direct.

The TGA can hardly claim to have just dozed off. Rather it has refused repeated calls to arouse itself and alert those in peril. Meanwhile the deaths and injuries continue to pile up in evidence against it.

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