Covid 19:  is Remdesivir a death protocol in hospitals?

The statement

“How is it possible that the United States of America, one of the top industrialized nations in the world, including in our healthcare systems, how is it possible that we still lead the world in COVID-19 deaths?

There’s only one thing we’ve done from the beginning that no one else was doing – and it was Anthony Fauci’s death protocol in hospitals using a drug called remdesivir that he knew would kill either a quarter to 30 percent of all people he gave the drug to in hospitals in five to 10 days.”


The source 

Dr Bryan Ardis, on the Pete Santilli Show, 24 March 2022 ( )

See also Dr Ardis’ testimony to a senate hearing on 4 March 2022 )

My take on it

Dr Ardis’ thesis is that people being hospitalised for Covid-19 are being treated routinely with a proven-unsafe drug that attacks the kidneys, resulting in multiple organ failure and often death.; and that emergency care physicians are thinking that they are witnessing the progression of disease when in fact they are witnessing the toxic effects of an expensive pharmaceutical drug.

Dr Ardis referred to mortality data that he provided to lawyer Thomas Renz for analysis:

“According to CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) data, almost 26% of people put on Remdesivir die. But it is a huge moneymaker for the government and Big Pharma.”



Dr Paul Maric, one of the best ICU doctors in America, testifies about the dangers of remdesivir and the corruption in our medical system for prescribing it. Though it is deadly, doctors are being incentivized to use it on patients. Remdesivir killed more than 50% of the animals during its clinical trials. Yet the FDA still approved it.” ( 14 April 2022)

Further damning evidence comes from the horrific performance of Remdesivir in a human clinical trial against Ebola. In that study Remdesivir had an over 50% death rate. ( from 1h15m)

“The Palm Study Group investigated four drugs for the use of Ebola. The results were published on December 12, 2019, in the New England Journal of Medicine. That date is particularly important because that signaled the beginning of Covid. The Data Safety Monitoring Board of that study terminated the study of Remdesivir. TERMINATED, because Remdesivir INCREASED THE RISKS OF DEATH AND RENAL FAILURE. It was SUCH A TOXIC DRUG the Data Safety Monitoring Board terminated the use of REMDESIVIR.” ( )

Australia? As to designated treatment for Covid-19 post hospitalisation, basically the same story. Remdesivir was the first drug approved by the TGA for treatment of Covid-19 disease, for ‘adults over 18 years of age with severe COVID-19 symptoms who have been hospitalised’. It was approved on 10 July 2020, six months after the first confirmed case. (Prior to Remdesivir, no drug had been approved for this application, and the suggested use of hydroxychloroquine had been resolutely opposed.) Thirteen months after Remdesivir the first of a succession of monoclonal antibody drugs was approved, and then some others, generally for pre-hospitalisation application or for prophylaxis.

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